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Case Study:

Keynsham Town Council

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The problem:

As a Local Government Organisation, Keynsham Town Council works at community level to provide quality local services, amenities and representation for the residents of the town to the best possible standard. The work of the Council is administered by 16 permanent or fixed-term members of staff, under the direction of the Town Clerk, and include the Grounds Maintenance team, Youth services Team and the Administration team based on the Town Council offices.

When the new Town Clerk commenced their position in May 2016, it soon became clear to them that the staff were becoming increasingly frustrated with the ageing IT infrastructure and that both the software platform and existing hardware were dramatically affecting efficiency. As a Town Council they were required by law to adhere to certain administrative deadlines in order for the Council to conduct its business legally and a couple of critical failures meant staff had to resort to taking work home with them and utilising their own PC’s in order to adhere to those deadlines.

It was at this point that the Town Clerk contacted soVision IT, in their capacity as an experienced local Bristol IT support provider, and asked them to recommend an alternative solution that addressed all the Council’s needs – including working to a modest budget whilst providing reliable hardware and software (including cloud backup) for the various members of staff.

A Multi level challenge:

“Keynsham Town Council contacted soVision IT to review the existing IT Infrastructure and recommend a new solution to meet changing needs including future integrative telephony and website provision for the Town Council. Following a comprehensive audit, soVision IT’s highly qualified professional services team recommended a full replacement infrastructure with minimal client impact, meeting both budget and timescales required. The proposal also provided the means to integrate future requirements such as telephony and website provision at a later date when Town Council finances permitted”, stated Alex Wellings, Operations Director at soVision IT.

But before the proposal could be accepted, it had to compete with three other alternative proposals and be considered at a full Town Council meeting in order to satisfy the Town Council’s financial regulations as a public body spending public money.

Dr. Cheryl Scott, Town Clerk, commented “The soVision proposal was not the cheapest in respect of initial capital outlay – but it certainly represented the best value for money on an ongoing basis in comparison to either the existing situation or the other proposals. It was well thought out, they were the only company to perform a proper audit, and it was clear that the soVision IT staff had listened carefully, understood, and responded appropriately to, the Town Council’s various needs. The Town Council obviously felt so too”.

The Solution:

soVision IT recommended a complete IT solution to resolve all problems and frustrations. This included implementing an Office 365 Tenancy, a network backbone upgrade and an entirely new client server infrastructure. They also resolved potential IT security issues with the existing public wireless network and to maximise the performance and reliability of the new solution, soVision IT proposed proactively monitoring and managing the new system 24/7 by using the soVision IT IT Managed Services.

The Town Clerk commented, “Whist the proposal was attractive, it still had to be implemented involving minimal disruption to the Town Council. It was scheduled to occur at the end of March when we were also trying to perform year end procedures. Again, soVision IT were impressive in their careful planning and logistics proposals and in actual fact the Town Council were only without PC’s for one day.”

Older hardware that had reached the end of its lifecycle was replaced by newer hardware. This reduced the risk of client machine failure and consequent downtime, as well as ensuring that hardware runs against a warranty contract at all times. The new hardware was mostly configured off-site in advance of the changeover. soVision IT then successfully and seamlessly migrated all mail services to Office 365. This included the reconfiguration of the local network to allow the use of the new cloud service and the replacement of the previously used hosted email platform. A small on site server maintains the connection between on premise and Office 365.

A local strategic partnership:

At soVision IT, we believe that the results of our work speak for themselves.

“The new wireless infrastructure is performing fantastically. The morning after installation we met with some tenants who praised how good the new Wi-Fi service was. All good reports are still being fed back from tenants which is a great sign considering we are full onsite as well with possibly over 80 staff living in onsite accommodation.”
Laura Jeffery, Site Services Administrator