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COMPANY NAME: Paulton Junior School 

INDUSTRY: Education


Website: www.paultonjuniorschool.co.uk

“Working with soVision IT has enabled our teachers to teach and not spend valuable time trying to get the systems to work. soVision IT offer us a professional dedicated team who are only ever one phone call away, they react very quickly and by working with them we have been able to introduce a system that enables us to become proactive and not reactive.”

Matt Grosvenor, Headteacher, Paulton Junior School


Paulton Junior School is a very popular school with an excellent reputation for high standards and an outstanding curriculum that gives pupils a breadth of exciting activities and opportunities. The school is committed to providing a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which children can enjoy their learning.

Paulton Junior School have always had a network of around 40 comput­ers across the school and have previously struggled to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the software and hardware of their systems, until now.

Mr. Grosvenor, head of the school, decided that the come had come to research the options available to them as the needs of the school were heading towards the requirements of a full turnkey solution.


“Personal service is of paramount important to soVision IT and always aim to excel in providing the IT support required whilst maintaining that personal touch. We aim to become a valued part of Paulton Junior School’s outsourced team, bringing a passion for service and support that will delight.”

Andrew James, Commercial Director at soVision IT


soVision IT now offers Paulton Junior School the IT services they were looking for, carrying out full maintenance to all existing computers and networks, all repairs, servicing and troubleshooting with the minimum amount of fuss, disruption and of course very quickly.

This had an immediate effect on reducing the IT expenditure for the school. soVision IT proactively solves any IT problem that the school may have even before they are noticed. Using reliable and effective IT support software to take requests, the soVision IT engineers make sure that all issues are solved as fast as possible according to the contractual SLA’s. We pride ourselves in having the best level of customer support and in always scoring results above 4.7 out of 5 in our monthly customer support survey.

If there is an issue that can’t be solved by remotely accessing the equipment and software of Paulton Junior School, the soVision IT technicians will visit their site to make sure everything works perfectly. By providing a friendly and helpful IT support, they are keeping the school up-to-date and informed as they source, build and install suitable IT solutions.


soVision IT has experience in working within the education environment and understands how important it is that all of the systems and software is working as it should be.

Paulton Junior School are now working to introduce touch-typing to their pupils to enhance their IT skills and speed their typing ability, this will all lead into Mr. Grosvenor’s future plans to ensure that every pupil has their own laptop within the next few years.

Mr. Grosvenor is happy to demonstrate the IT systems at Paulton Junior School to any other school that might be interested in investigating a turn key solution to their IT needs to.

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