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Case Study:

Torbay Hospital

A complex wireless infrastructure upgrade in 1 day


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The problem:

Torbay hospital provides doctors, both senior and junior, on-site accommodation to enable easy access to the hospital. This accommodation, known as residences, are key for these members of NHS staff as whilst they are working at the hospital, for all intents and purposes it is home.

All NHS staff who line in residences are provided with wi-fi to enable them to study and research, however, this wi-fi can also be used for all day to day activities that a normal home broadband connection would provide. With accommodation available for more than 80 NHS staff, and in some cases their families in addition, this service needs to be able to cope with delivering consistent and stable wi-fi to all the devices in use, from laptops and phones to smart televisions.

The residences at Torbay Hospital had been experiencing performance issues with an aging wireless infrastructure.

Installed in around 2010, the existing infrastructure lasted well, however, due to the speedy changes in technology and how that technology is used by people, the aging hardware resulted in persistent complaints from staff regarding performance.

“Over the last 6-12 months, we have received many complaints from staff living in residential accommodation due to the slowness and ineffective wifi we have onsite. Considering the current system and hardware was installed 10 years ago this was becoming an ongoing issue. When the students vacated onsite the wifi improved for remaining tenants but when the new intake moved in from October are occupancy was almost 100% and so this was causing an issue for access onto Wi-Fi. Some of the comments the tenants made included “Wi-Fi dropping out”, “Signal going and not connecting”, and “very slow”.”
Laura Jeffery, Site Services Administrator

The Solution:

To resolve the issues being experienced, soVision IT were requested to design and deliver a replacement wireless infrastructure which not only met the client needs initially but would be suitable for the next 5 years.

To ensure that the client requirement was met, soVision IT utilised the latest Ubiquiti UniFi wireless and switching hardware. The platform, having been designed by our in house UEWA technician, was deployed within a single day with minimal disruption to users.

“The installation was very quick and organized. The soVision IT team were helpful and informative to staff, and didn’t cause any disruption to users.”
Laura Jeffery, Site Services Administrator


At soVision IT, we believe that the results of our work speak for themselves.

“The new wireless infrastructure is performing fantastically. The morning after installation we met with some tenants who praised how good the new Wi-Fi service was. All good reports are still being fed back from tenants which is a great sign considering we are full onsite as well with possibly over 80 staff living in onsite accommodation.”
Laura Jeffery, Site Services Administrator.