Don’t be a doormat. Be a guard.

With everybody’s attention focused on the American elections, cyber-attacks are expected to increase and to no one’s surprise, hackers do not discriminate based on political party. 

We all know Hilary Clinton neglected cyber security responsibilities, giving her competitor, Donald Trump, a leg up in his marketing for the election. In fact, the discussions between the two candidates exposed to the world just how embarrassing a data breach can be for an organisation!

Moving our attention closer to home, just a few days ago chancellor Philip Hammond announced at the Microsoft Future Decode Event that the UK government plans to spend £1.9bn on cyber security efforts. He openly urged all UK companies not just to take a defensive position with adequate protection from cyber-attacks, but to adopt an offensive attitude. "The ability to detect, trace and retaliate in kind is likely to be the best deterrent. We will not only defend ourselves in cyberspace, we will strike back in kind when we are attacked.", Mr. Hammond said.

A Cyber Essentials Certification from the government is one of the best ways to reduce your risk by protecting against a vast majority of cyber-attacks. soVision can provide you with the support and expertise you need to achieve the Government Cyber Essentials certification for your organisation, find out more information here.

So, don’t be the doormat, be the guard!


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