GDPR Workshop - February 2018

Are you ready for GDPR? 

soVision IT is inviting you at a GDPR training course which we think would be beneficial to your business.

The GDPR workshop is to help you understand the current legislation and forthcoming GDPR changes. The workshop would include the importance of handling, sharing and retaining data securely, the principles of privacy and duty of confidence. The key elements, changes and implications to the organisation of the introduction of the GDPR would be a central theme.

One of the best training and GDPR experts in the UK has been booked to provide this course. All delegates will receive a GDPR book and certificate of attendance for your own companies compliance.

Come along to our GDPR workshop which takes place on 26th of February 2018, 9am - 12.30pm or 2pm - 5.30pm at Avon House. Coffee is on us!

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It is our aim that the workshop will be teaching you what your individual rights are, and the ramifications, damage and distress that would be caused to you if an organisation released your sensitive data, including their rights to compensation. We plan to use real-life examples such as the HIV clinic who emailed details of all patients in the CC field and who were fine £180,000 by the ICO. We are looking to put employees at the heart of the training and explaining the techniques fraudsters used to obtain, steal and blag personal information, this in theory will make the subject personal, relevant and real to them. 

The aim of the workshop will be for staff to gain an appreciation of the key principles of the existing and proposed legislation, how actions of representatives of the organisation may impact on clients and data subjects, and the potential ramifications to the organisation and the individual when a breach occurs. The aim is for all staff to willingly embrace a culture of compliance, openness and develop a pro-active mentality to help identify and close vulnerabilities and threats to personal information.
The topics covered are as follows:
  • The current 8 data protection principles – general discussion
  • The 6 principles under the GDPR – what has happened to the other two!
  • What is personal data – group discussion and reveal
  • What is sensitive data – group discussion and reveal
  • What are the TECHNICAL measures that should be in place to protect personal data – group discussion and some examples of cases that have happened
  • What are the ORGANISATIONAL measures that should be in place to protect personal data – group discussion and some examples of cases that have happened
  • What would happen if a piece of ‘sensitive’ information was leaked – what would happen to the individual – team names are needed at this stage – every team reveals a story – prize given for the best example
  • What are your rights under the DPA 1998 – are you compliant with these and how does or can your organisation cope with these?
  • What additional rights would you like and are they accommodated under the GDPR
  • What are the additional requirements under the GDPR for organisations to accommodate
  • Finally a fun ’10 question quiz covering the material delivered & prize.

Price: £99 + VAT/ Person

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