Not every cloud has a silver lining

You’re going to buy a new car. You know that there are so many to choose from, in all different makes and types. How do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Most people at this point will review what they want a car to do for them, before they make a purchase. If you want a car that can go fast, you buy something suitable with a large engine. If you want a car to carry a lot of luggage, you buy something suitable for this, probably with lots of storage space. If you want something reliable, you go for a make that is known to have a good reliability record.

People apply this logic for purchases like cars, so why don’t they apply the same logic to cloud solutions?

Google Apps for Work. Microsoft Office 365. These are names that anyone who is considering moving to a cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will know. The question that most people ask once aware of their existence is ‘Which one is best?’

A simple question it seems, however when evaluating SaaS offerings, not the right one. Different SaaS products deliver different things, which will appeal to different companies for different reasons.

To make the right decisions as to what the best SaaS solution for a business is, the question that needs to be asked is ‘How do we operate?’ or ‘What do we want to achieve?’

Seeking help from an expert will help you to evaluate which products and plans in the marketplace suit your business operational model, strategy, needs and aspirations in the best way. soVision IT is one of the leading IT services experts within the South West, being strategically located midway between Bristol and Bath, that can help you with this at any time.


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