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What small businesses need to know about cyber security

A great deal of research has been done recently on the attitude of small businesses to cyber security. This link is an example.

A common perception seems to be that micro and SME businesses are not large enough to be a target for cybercrime. Many smaller businesses don’t believe that storing data in the cloud is beneficial to them, or even that a cloud solution is more secure than an onsite solution. Neither of these things could be further from the truth – there are significant physical security benefits to using a cloud data centre.

Many decision makers believe that commercially available anti-malware software will fill any remaining holes in defences, making solutions such as intrusion detection an unnecessary expense. Comprehensive data back-up is likewise often a low priority, despite it being the first line of defence against a ransomware attack which could threaten immediately the viability of any business. 

Very few businesses invest money in what has become known as the human firewall - end users are and will remain the easiest weakness for exploitation by cybercrime. Investing in staff training and cyber security awareness will help staff identify fraudulent emails, phishing attacks and websites that pose a threat – this is money well spent.

The Federation of Small Businesses believes that two-thirds of small businesses have been victims of some sort of cyber attack in the last 2 years, yet related research suggests that cyber security is far down the list of development priorities for most small businesses.  The potential penalties under GDPR for data breaches, which could drive many out of business, make this lack of priority a little odd.

Handing some of these issues to a Managed Service provider would be a major step towards limiting the business risk a cyber attack would represent.

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Thursday, 11 October 2018
Cyber Security
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