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Category:    Managed Cyber Security
Cyber Essentials Certification continues for soVision IT

soVision IT has successfully renewed its Cyber Essentials Certification for the fourth consecutive year.

Category:    Managed Cyber Security
What to do if a laptop was stolen or lost?

In the hands of a relatively unsophisticated hacker, all of your laptop information can be transferred off, often exposing an open back door into your network.

Category:    Managed Cyber Security
Complacency is not an option when it comes to Cyber Security

2017 saw more than 4 in 10 businesses experience cyber security breaches or attacks and more than 7 in 10 larger business and charities with turnovers greater than £5m experience similar breaches and attacks. The question is, will it be your turn next?

Category:    Managed Cyber Security
When was the last time your network was audited for Safety, Security & Scalability?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires your business to make maximum effort in protecting the data of your partners, clients and employees. Even with a robust data protection system in place, an internal or external breach could still open your company up to liability if every precaution has not been taken.

Category:    Managed Cyber Security
Top 7 Protection Measures Against Hackers

A basic level of protection against hackers and malware can be achieved through using firewalls, anti-malware, the correct browser settings and the use of strong passwords. Here is what every company should do to avoid becoming a victim of malware or malicious activity: 

Category:    Managed Cyber Security
How to Protect yourself and your business from Malware

Please feel free to download and share this guide explaining possible threats and giving solutions on how to avoid them or what to do once infected. It’s completely free and yours to help everybody avoid a possible disaster!

Category:    Managed Cyber Security
How to protect your business from hackers accessing Wi-Fi networks

Thousands of computer networks can be accessed in a few minutes by a hacker, even if complicated passwords are used.

Category:    Managed Cyber Security
Don’t be a doormat. Be a guard

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that the UK government plans to spend £1.9bn on cyber security efforts. A Cyber Essentials Certification from the government is one of the best ways to reduce your risk by protecting against a vast majority of cyber-attacks

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