Unplanned IT system loss can occur at any time through human error, hardware fault, malicious act or site disaster. 

The ramifications are likely to be dramatic or even catastrophic on a company’s ability to trade and operate. Many businesses are required to implement business continuity plans to comply with insurance requirements, while others do it for good governance and to protect their investment.

Business continuity solutions provide the ability to protect both business servers and applications, as well as data on employees’ desktops and laptops. All data is stored in a secure remote 360 Cloud Platform to protect against site failure or loss. Options are available for different protection levels, depending on the criticality of the server, application or data.

Solutions that are built and delivered using infrastructure supplied through the soVision 360 Cloud Platform benefit from the following:

  • UK locality of data. The soVision IT data centres are located in Gloucester, England.
  • Flexible payment options. Choose to pay as you go, pay monthly or pay upfront, all with associated levels of discount. Pay as your business grows by adding more users only when needed.

Complete Business Solutions

Businesses are able to choose business continuity solutions through software-as-a-service (SaaS) or from a dedicated infrastructure-as-a-service platform (IaaS), with the most suitable system depending on the size, operations, and type of business.

Complete Business Protection

For a complete business continuity solution, a combination of the soVision IT SaaS and IaaS solutions can be implemented, with high availability and advanced backup protection on operational systems, and SaaS online backup protecting employees’ desktops and laptops. This suite of business continuity services means that all data within a business can be securely backed up at an affordable price.

Shared Infrastucture:

Online backup services from soVision IT are perfect for protecting data on employees’ desktops or laptops, providing a low cost, fully automated, secure backup and restoration platform that can be implemented very quickly. Once set up, the users do not have to configure or run the program at all. It can easily be scheduled to run automatically in the background, backing up key business data.

A fully featured backup and restoration client

soVision IT works with market leader Vembu to provide an easy-to-use, automated backup client that can be installed on any Windows computer or server to safeguard files.

Flexible cloud storage

All files are stored within the soVision 360 Cloud Platform, providing flexible and scalable storage so that costs are minimised as you only pay for the storage your business needs.

Secure data

All files are encrypted prior to upload and are securely stored within the soVision IT 360 Cloud Platform.

Flexible backup

Files can be restored on an individual basis or for an entire machine, and backups can be scheduled to automatically ensure that the latest file versions are protected, providing full flexibility to your business recovery solution.

Value for money

Cloud solutions delivered from multitenant and shared platforms are generally more cost effective as the overheads of the solution can be shared by many users, without sacrificing security.


SaaS solutions are simple to set up and use as the platform has already been built and configured.

Dedicated Infrastructure:

Taking advantage of dedicated resources within the soVision IT platform means that more custom business continuity solutions can be created for your business, providing faster restoration times with high availability solutions and advanced backup services. These services are ideal for operational servers and business-critical systems that need fast recovery times, minimising the impact of any service interruption.

High availability services:

All server activity is mirrored to a secure, hosted server within the soVision IT 360 Cloud Platform, providing a fast recovery solution. An issue or incident with an on-premises server can be rectified by swapping to the hosted high availability server, typically within 60 minutes.

Advanced backup:

For non-critical operational servers, soVision IT provides a backup solution with failover to hosted servers. This advanced backup service has live servers running with the latest data from 4 hours ago, providing a smooth and low-impact recovery to normal business operations.

Direct integration with your on-premises IT:

Your on-premises network can be extended to connect to your hosted solution, providing a seamless experience for users whether within the office or at home. When they log onto their work machine they automatically have access to the hosted solution just as they would if it were on-premises (using a single sign on).

Dedicated infrastructure:

A solution that is built on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) operates on dedicated, segregated and isolated infrastructure for your business, just as it would if you had the servers on-premises. soVision infrastructure includes resiliency across all components (connectivity, power, compute, storage), and a 99.99% service-level agreement.


soVision IT infrastructure is hosted in a physically, operationally and technically secure environment. soVision IT applies strict role based access to your data in line with ITIL best practice.

Supports any type of application:

Because your application is running on dedicated infrastructure, you can run any type of application or software, making it compatible with your existing IT network, and enabling full configuration.


Software that requires any custom customisation or integration with other applications can be configured as needed.

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