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Businesses create and rely on an increasing amount of data, files and documents.

A complete data storage solution built to address the complex content management needs enabling businesses to capture, manage, organise, access, sync and share from anywhere.

When a business or employee cannot find and easily access the right document or file, productivity can be seriously reduced. In addition to this, as businesses grow they are more dependent upon collaboration between individuals, teams and departments. Often many people are required to be working on the same documents, so version and access control are crucial.

Collaboration and file storage solutions provide the ability to store, search, access, control versions and collaborate on a variety of document types and data, providing intranet and extranet solutions with rich user interfaces whether in the office or working remotely.

Solutions that are built and delivered using infrastructure supplied through the soVision IT 360 Cloud platform benefit from the following:

  • UK locality of data. The soVision IT data centres are located in Gloucester, England.
  • Flexible payment options. Choose to pay as you go, pay monthly or pay upfront, all with associated levels of discount. Pay as your business grows by adding more users only when needed.

Features & benefits:

Collaboration and file storage solutions that are delivered via the soVision IT 360 Cloud Platform provide you with the following features:

Mobile file access

You can connect and view Microsoft Office documents on mobile devices.

File search

Your solution can be built with a unique combination of relevance, refinement and social cues to help your employees find the information and contacts they need to get their jobs done.

Integrate with other software

You have the ability to integrate your collaboration solution with any third party software.

A choice of settings

Rather than having to accept pre-set unified communications settings, you can define and set them to suit your business. This includes address lists, security settings and compliance, and secure external access to your intranet.

Direct integration with your on-premises IT

Your on-premises network can be extended to connect to your hosted solution, providing a seamless experience for users whether within the office or at home. When they log onto their work machine they automatically have access to the hosted solution just as they would if it were on-premises (using a single sign on).

Dedicated infrastructure

A solution that is built on infrastructure- as-a-service (IaaS) is on dedicated, segregated and isolated infrastructure for your business, just as it would be if you had the servers on-premises. soVision IT infrastructure includes n+1 resiliency across all components (connectivity, power, compute, storage), and a 99.99% service-level agreement.

Run any type of application

Because your application is running on dedicated infrastructure, you can run any type of application and software with full control over the settings and configuration.


soVision IT infrastructure is hosted in a physically, operationally and technically secure environment, with no soVision IT employees having access to data hosted on your servers.


Software that requires any bespoke customisation or integration with other applications can be configured as needed.

Award-winning infrastructure from soVision IT

soVision IT 360 Cloud solutions deliver a comprehensive portfolio of Cloud Services. This industry-leading infrastructure allows soVision IT to build and deliver a range of cloud services to customers by leveraging soVision IT’s technical expertise. soVision IT are Microsoft Silver Partners in a number of competencies and Cloud Industry Forum certified members.

More than 600 customers rely on soVision to provide hosting services based on the soVision IT 360 Cloud Platform . Our customers rely on us to provide the infrastructure to power their cloud-based services, protecting their businesses and reputations with exceptional levels of data privacy and security.

If you're looking for a business cloud provider and for more about our complete IT solutions contact us.

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