Dedicated Server Solutions in Bristol, Bath and UK

If you are looking for a managed dedicated server we have a wide range of solutions to offer organisations and businesses and also to support in-house IT departments who wish to outsource some server tasks and operations. All your dedicated servers are hosted at soVision’s secure UK based data centres in the care of our team of technical experts with monitoring and management services available from our Bristol based Network Operations Centre.

Your servers will be protected by a robust and secure firewall - which we configure on a per server basis to suit your needs - and we'll agree a suitable backup policy and schedule ensuring your data is safe - no matter what happens.

What is a managed dedicated server solution?

A dedicated server is a physical server that is rented from us on a simple monthly contract basis. This is your dedicated server and is exclusively for your own business use and needs. Rather than being on your site (as is traditional) instead it is located in our secure UK based data centre and monitored and serviced by us on your behalf. This makes it an ideal for large businesses, particularly those in finance and in NHS, local government and public service where for regulatory reasons you may require exceptionally high levels of data security and availability that can only be provided by a dedicated server but without the overhead costs and hassle of managing your own on-site physical servers.

What are the benefits of a soVision managed dedicated server?

We can size, configure and establish for you a dedicated server in our UK based datacentre which we will then monitor and control from our secure Network Operations Centre HQ in Keynsham which is located half way between Bristol and Bath. This approach has the obvious benefit of removing a major element of IT overhead from you and means you benefit from the significant economies of scale of outsourcing your server management and hosting environment to soVision.

  • Retain control to configure and modify – you have the flexibility to manage and control the configuration of your server, install any operating system or software and to develop applications as freely as you would on your own hardware located on your premises
  • Save on scarce and expensive technical resources such as – Sys Admin, Database Admin, Support Engineers, Out of Hours Cover and Monitoring
  • Reduce overhead and infrastructure costs of providing – physical security, power and cooling, firewall and security, backup.
  • Managed dedicated server solutions provide - Enhanced security with a managed dedicated hardware firewall, backup, and monitoring, 24 x 7 support and proactive patching and maintenance.
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements – offering you peace of mind with a 99.99% uptime guaranteed and all hour’s access to our monitoring team and hardware engineers

To find out more about our range of managed dedicated server solutions and for answers to any questions call us on 0117 986 4026 or contact us here.

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