High performance virtual servers

Optimise performance for your web applications and IT services

Cloud servers (also known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) ) offer any organisation large or small greater flexibility, security & resilience helping your business to grow, stay agile and reduce its overall IT costs. A cloud server from soVision IT gives you easy access to a high performance server resource for running all your web applications and IT services.

What is a Cloud Server?

Cloud servers are very flexible; they can be configured to provide the same level of performance, security and control you would have with a dedicated server on your own premises, but instead we manage the server environment for you. Your applications are not hosted on physical hardware that is located on your premises and dedicated to you but instead applications are located and run on a shared “virtualised” environment ‘in the cloud’ and managed by soVision IT.

We monitor and control your virtual cloud servers from our secure Network Operations Centre HQ in Keynsham. This approach has the obvious benefit of removing a lot of IT overhead from you and means you benefit from the economies of scale of sharing server resources with other soVision customers.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Cloud Server ?

A cloud server has some obvious benefits.

  • Optimal IT performance – scale according to load.
  • Simple and clear pricing – pay as you use, no hidden surprises.
  • Scalable and flexible – pay as you grow, pay as you need. With Cloud servers from soVision you only ever pay for server space used and we can scale up or down on demand. You can turn on more power when you need peak performance or scale back when demand is low.
  • Start small and expand if needed – ideal for piloting software or business trials.
  • Fast and reliable – soVision Cloud Servers are located in our UK based data centres with RAID 10 storage, ECC memory, and with redundant networking and power built in.
  • Reduced costs – no IT management overhead or technical expertise required.
  • Safe and secure – your data is securely held in UK and backed up automatically for peace of mind and safety.

What organisations might benefit from a virtual cloud server solution ?

Cloud servers for Small and Medium (SME) sized businesses – eliminate the need for costly IT resources or reliance on a single expert. We are here to help based in our HQ midway between Bristol and Bath

Cloud servers for growing businesses and start-ups – save your precious capital for wider business growth. Pay a simple monthly fee for flexible scalable power when you need it – pay as you grow !

Cloud servers for web businesses eCommerce sites – flexible and affordable web site and web application hosting allows you to scale for peak demand and load

Cloud servers for large businesses and corporates - Cloud Servers remove the limitations of in-house server hardware. It can take months to plan and implement a ‘bare metal’ dedicated server on your premises. Scale up for sales and marketing drives quickly and easily

Cloud servers for IT staff and Departments – remove the headache of managing unpredictable departmental demand for server space and power. Integrate our cloud servers with your on-premise IT for a seamless and flexible solution. Make soVision your managed server solutions provider and get access to power and storage when you need it at a fixed and clear cost.

What software applications can I run on a Cloud server?

We can configure a server to suit virtually and applications or operating software.

  • Websites, ecommerce sites, blogs.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) type applications.
  • Linux or Windows.
  • Content management systems.
  • Web applications and APPS.
  • Non web based applications.

To find out more about our range of virtual cloud server solutions and for answers to any questions call us on 0117 986 4026 or contact us here.

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