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Remote Desktop Solutions

Many businesses are considering virtual or remote desktops as an alternative to their on-premise systems. Needing less management and resources than a traditional, on-premise environment, they also allow businesses to spread the cost of their IT.

Business productivity can be increased greatly by unifying all communication channels, including voice, video, email, document sharing and instant messaging. With remote desktop solutions, workers not only have the required information and data, but also access to the relevant people in the most relevant format from whatever location they can be at their most productive.

Remote Office and desktop solutions give workers the ability to connect to the latest Windows operating system and work with a full suite of Office applications from any machine with internet connectivity and a remote desktop client. All business IT solutions that are usually accessed from an on-premises desktop, such as email, intranet and unified communications, can be accessed in the same manner from the hosted desktop.

Remote desktop solutions that are built and delivered using infrastructure supplied through the soVision platform benefit from the following:

  • UK locality of data. The soVision IT data centres are located in Gloucester, England.
  • Flexible payment options. Choose to pay as you go, pay monthly or pay upfront, all with associated levels of discount. Pay as your business grows by adding more users only when needed.

Features & benefits

Remote desktop solutions that are delivered via the soVision IT 360 Cloud Platform provide you with the following features:

Windows desktop and Office applications - Get the latest Windows operating systems and access to applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Increased agility - Windows desktops have applications installed and maintained centrally, making it faster to deploy new software and easier to update.

Work from anywhere - Employees are not tied to a fixed machine; they can access their full desktop from any machine with an internet connection and remote desktop connection client.

Included licensing - Operating system and Office licences are included with the solution so you don’t have to worry about licence management and compliance.

Secure mobile device access - Provide a secure connection for mobile users to access the data, applications and desktop environments they need from virtually any device with an internet connection.

Simplify remote connectivity - Enable rich applications to be accessed from a web page, icon or seamlessly integrated into the start menu of a local desktop, improving remote worker efficiency and increasing end-user satisfaction.

Direct integration with your on-premises IT - Your on-premises network can be extended to connect to your hosted solution, providing a seamless experience for users whether within the office or at home. When they log onto their work machine they automatically have access to the hosted solution just as they would if it were on-premises (using a single sign on).

Dedicated infrastructure - A solution that is built on infrastructure- as-a-service (IaaS) is on dedicated, segregated and isolated infrastructure for your business, just as it would be if you had the servers on-premises. soVision IT infrastructure includes resiliency across all components (connectivity, power, compute, storage), and a 99.99% service-level agreement.

Security - soVision IT infrastructure is hosted in a physically, operationally and technically secure environment. soVision employees do not have access to data hosted on your servers.

Simplicity and familiarity - The system is the same as current employees’ desktops so they can hit the ground running with no need for training.

Third party applications - Add a whole variety of additional business applications.

Centralised management and configuration - Simplicity for providing updates, enforcing security policies and configuration.

Reduced costs - Client hardware does not run business IT applications, allowing for more cost-effective client hardware.

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