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What organisations might benefit from a virtual cloud server solution?

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  • Cloud servers for Small and Medium (SME) sized businesses – eliminate the need for costly IT resources or reliance on a single expert. We are here to help based in our HQ midway between Bristol and Bath
  • Cloud servers for growing businesses and start-ups – save your precious capital for wider business growth. Pay a simple monthly fee for flexible scalable power when you need it – pay as you grow !
  • Cloud servers for web businesses eCommerce sites – flexible and affordable web site and web application hosting allows you to scale for peak demand and load
  • Cloud servers for large businesses and corporates - Cloud Servers remove the limitations of in-house server hardware. It can take months to plan and implement a ‘bare metal’ dedicated server on your premises. Scale up for sales and marketing drives quickly and easily
  • Cloud servers for IT staff and Departments – remove the headache of managing unpredictable departmental demand for server space and power. Integrate our cloud servers with your on-premise IT for a seamless and flexible solution. Make soVision IT your managed server solutions provider and get access to power and storage when you need it at a fixed and clear cost.

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