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VoIP / Voice over IP

soVision IT specialise in providing the latest Voice over IP solutions and unlike many companies, do not just provide ‘Cloud or Hosted’ IP Solutions but also ‘On-site’ IP Solutions meaning that we can provide whichever is best for your business.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that enables you to make telephone calls using an Internet connection as opposed to traditional BT phone lines.

This could be via a physical phone system connected to the internet with virtual lines known as SIP trunks instead of BT lines.

Or it could be a virtual phone service also known as ‘Hosted’ or ‘Cloud’ telephony. This is where instead of having a physical phone system in your office, the functionality is all hosted off-site as it is with ‘Cloud computing / servers’.

There are advantages and considerations with both methods and soVision can discuss and explain both to you to see which fits best for your business.

Many telecoms and IT companies only sell Cloud/Hosted IP solutions which may not be the most cost effective solution for you and also means they are sometimes selling square pegs for round holes.

A reliable Voice over IP solution depends on a number of factors and as such should be discussed with a specialist as we have seen it greatly mis-sold and mis-understood by businesses in the past who have ended up with an inferior solution or one that isn’t fir for purpose.


If you're looking for a business broadband provider and for more about our complete IT solutions contact us.

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