Intranets Development and Design

Ideas for using an Intranet : an intranet enables you take your internal communications to a new level. An organisational intranet works whether you have a few staff or thousands. One office or hundreds of geographically diverse locations and branch locations.

Smarter document storage and management

Paper forms driving you crazy? Everyone using different versions of the standard travel expenses or overtime form? Ensure your staff are using the right versions of your standard documents. Your new soVision Intranet provide a place where the up to date versions of all documents can be stored, searched and located.

One central secure location for organisational information

Everyone saving their own versions of documents? Space and disc storage driving the IT manager crazy? Whatever information you are storing – HR and staff details, customer details, project records, Wikis or Knowledge systems a soVision Intranet provides a single solution.

Search and find instantly with controlled and secure access

Documents become easy to search and find.  Security and password options enable you to control who sees what and keeps an indelible record of who looked at what and when.  One safe and secure solution provided by a customised soVision intranet.

Creative spaces for your staff to innovate and think laterally

Want to harness the creative energy of your staff? Wikis, knowledge bases and discussion forums create thinking spaces where you can liberate your teams to come up with fresh ideas to improve sales, customer services and build new ideas for your business to grow. Take the creative step with a soVision Intranet.

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