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Computer systems in a mess? Accounts not talking to CRM? Finance and HR incompatible? Stop duplicating data and wasting time. The soVision IT team has the skills and expertise to streamline & integrate your software systems quickly and effectively.

Many companies and organisations find that they have a major problem with important data being replicated across incompatible systems.  Often these systems have developed and evolved in individual departments to meet a specific requirement.  The system itself is well established and useful but is not always available to share with others in the company.  This is frustrating for staff and management and can often critically impact sales and profit potential. These ‘Data Silos’ are very common in organisations large and small but it can be very expensive or just impractical  to start all over again from scratch.

Incompatible systems – software customisation and integration options

We have been approached by many organisations with just this sort of problem and have usually been able to help by applying a little logic and  analysis together with some clever software integration and customisation that will make separate computers systems ‘talk to each other’.

Software integration solutions

Solutions we have implemented include :

  • Developing procedural and Web API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to create an open architecture that allows separate systems and programs to exchange data and content
  • Developing XML schemas (Extensible Mark-up Language) to allow data to be easily exported to spreadsheets or Sage and other accounting systems
  • Using comma delimited files (CSV) and simple alternatives for speedy data exchange between systems

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