More leads for our business please – and why we say maybe

More leads for our business please – and why we say maybe

Hands up if you want more leads for your business?
It’s a bit of a trick question if we’re honest…who doesn’t want to be able to generate more leads leading to sales? It’s the perennial quest of nearly every business out there!

So perhaps instead, the question should be ‘who’s prepared to do the work to get more leads for your business?’ Because when it all comes down to it, there really is no magic answer or quick easy fix to lead generation.

It requires the right balance of strategy, consistency, creativity and communication, and once you have all that in place, well that’s when the leads (and ultimately sales) will come thick and fast.

As Digital Marketing Content providers, in our experience, where clients go wrong is when they focus on only one part of lead generation and ignore the rest. To really get the best results you need to have all your ducks in a row:


Get your website content up to scratch with effective Digital Marketing Content

It doesn’t matter how many times you reach out to new customers and send them well-crafted email copy to pique their interest if the website you are sending them to does nothing to represent your brand and engage your audience. So many times we see businesses embark on a new marketing campaign but only afterwards think about getting their website in check. Don’t make the same mistake – you wouldn’t open up a new shop on the high street without getting the interior finished first.


Back it up with quality emails, blogs, case studies and social media posts

Similar to your website, you need to ensure that every other bit of Digital Marketing Content that you send out to your leads carries the same brand voice, tone, identity and messaging. Your content should be carefully crafted, consistent and of quality, if you really want to make it count. Take particular care if you have various accounts across different online platforms – your one brand should be instantly identifiable across them all to new customers (it increases trust and recognition in a company) so make sure yours are working together.


Nurture strong relationships with previous customers

We see it happen often when businesses focus all their efforts on new customers and neglect the ones they already have. These are golden! If someone has bought from you in the past and they have had a good customer experience they are likely to buy from you again. This is why it is so important to have excellent customer service alongside strong lead generation; you want to hold on to any customers that choose to purchase from you. Make sure you put the time and effort in, with past customers, these relationships are valuable and need to be nurtured and cultivated.


Reach out and make connections with new customers

This sounds obvious when talking about lead generation but it’s surprising how often opportunities get ignored! Lead generation doesn’t just come from big email campaigns or marketing stunts, it can be really effective when targeted from other interactions you are already having with potential customers…perhaps without even knowing it. Think about those people that might like a post on LinkedIn or come along to a webinar. These interactions are all opportunities for nurturing new leads so consider them and have an action plan in place for following up with them.


Identify and effectively target your audience with the right Digital Marketing Content Strategy

One of your first priorities when aiming to generate new leads is to figure out who your target audience is. Don’t just guess! Take time to analyse who is buying from you now and use market research to identify who is most likely to buy from you – the results might just surprise you and could explain why your lead generation hasn’t been as effective up until now! Once you’re confident who your target audience is, then put a strategy in place for being able to reach them and engage with them; this is your opportunity to put your product or service in front of the right people.


Get the right message in front of them

This circles right back to the first point which is really about making your Digital Marketing Content compelling, consistent and of quality. It’s also about keeping your customer in mind and making your copy personalised and appropriate. Just as much as the wrong message in front of the right people won’t work, neither will the right message in front of the wrong people. Don’t be afraid to compartmentalise your target audience into smaller sub-groups and send content specific to each group – it may sound like more work but when it comes to lead generation it really does pay off.


To get the best results for your lead generation you really do need to consider every element involved and that means that all of your platforms need to work together, your content needs to be consistent and your departments joined up. Put the work in from the start to get your ducks lined up and the leads really will start speaking for themselves.

If you have any questions about how to get the most out of your marketing or are looking for some advice on lead generation please do drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!

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