Perhaps email marketing could be delivering sales for your business?

Perhaps email marketing could be delivering sales for your business?

Spam; don’t you just hate it? The kind that lands in your inbox uninvited and aggressively tries to sell to you with zero charm and no personal touch. It’s no wonder none of it ever gets opened and you can tell that it wasn't sent from a Email Marketing Content expert.

There is however another type of email marketing; one that it is much more subtle, much more convivial, much more engaging. And much, much more effective.

When inboxes are overflowing, your emails need to be able to cut through the crowd. So, how do you go about catching the attention of your recipient in that crucial moment before they hit delete or just ignore you?


Know who you are marketing to with effective Email Marketing Content

First up, it’s essential you make a clear distinction between B2B and B2C customers. Think about who your end recipient is and keep them in mind always. B2B customers are more likely to purchase based on logic rather than emotion, so you need to convince them you have something that can benefit them. Consider how your recipient makes their purchasing decisions and plan your content accordingly in a highly targeted, strategic way.

Email marketing isn’t just a prospecting tool, so consider your existing customers as well as your new ones - but always differentiate between the two. You wouldn’t use the same tone and language with someone you have known for five years, versus someone you have never met. This is where the real skill comes in; writing content specifically to different data groups, while continuing the same brand ‘voice’ within every piece of content. The right Email Marketing Content can be really effective as a way to nurture existing connections, build up brand trust and establish customers that have purchased from you previously as customers that will return time and time again.


What’s going to make your email marketing stand out?


Almost 320 billion emails are sent and received per day worldwide* so yours need to stand out. The first rule of thumb is to always begin with a snappy, intriguing subject line that will capture your reader’s attention. Remember, most emails never get opened and your subject line is the gateway in. You don’t need to explain your whole email in the subject line, nor scream how amazing your latest offer is. Keep it relevant and interesting, and leave enough intrigue so that the recipient wants to open your email to find out more.

Once you’ve nailed the subject line, this needs to be followed up with highly personalised, relevant and interesting messaging, tailored specifically to the needs of your customer. If you’re thinking of hiding your words behind pretty pictures, bear in mind that text-only emails outperform image-based HTML designs in the B2B space. Emails with lots of pictures scream ‘sales pitch’ and that’s an instant turn-off.

Make sure what you are sending is helpful and informative; if you are claiming to be an expert or specialist in something then don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. Your reader needs to be able to get something out of the emails you send, and shareable content is always good for engagement. Don’t bombard or hassle your readers but do make regular contact – 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email.

Don’t make this about you! It is always, always about your customer.


Can it really deliver sales?


Lots of people think email marketing might not be right for them, but there’s a reason so many successful businesses out there invest in it year in, year out. The average ROI for email marketing in the UK is £35 for every £1 spent**; it is genuinely profitable while also having huge potential for converting new business. In fact, you are 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email than a tweet***. 

It’s clear that opportunities for delivering sales via email marketing are there for the taking but only if you put the work in and get your content up to scratch. You need to develop a clear Email Marketing Content strategy in order to stand out. From that first enticing subject line, to the motivating call to action in the body of your email, and finally to your website, blogs, social media accounts and LinkedIn page…your content is everything.


We’ll leave you with this final thought; email marketing is disruptive. The people you are writing to have not asked for a sales pitch. Respect their time and commit to building a relationship slowly; the more that new prospects get to you know you, your business, what you stand for and what you can provide, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

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