The Key to Successful Social Media Management

The Key to Successful Social Media Management

Social media serves a much higher purpose than posting photos of family get-togethers, arranging friend gatherings, and following reliable news - it’s a great tool for businesses to connect with their potential audience. After all, it’s free and there are over 4 billion social media accounts worldwide, which is an enormous potential market to tap into. Businesses leverage social media to close the distance between the brand and customers, which helps increase revenue. However, there’s a certain art to social media management business; continue reading to find out more.


Consistency and Quality

Posting high-quality content consistently is at the heart of social media management businesses. You must post at the correct time for your audience - you will need to run some trial and error to get this right and it will depend on your business. For example, if you run a newspaper for business-orientated people, you will need to capture the early bird. Whereas, if you manage a restaurant, your clientele is more likely to respond with content later in the day. The trick is finding the perfect schedule for your business and running with it. 


A Great Strategy

You need to strategize your social media content - you won’t get away with posting whatever you like. To get the most out of your content, you need to create a calendar to tell you what and when to post. The schedule will be the skeleton for content, but there’s nothing to stop you from deviating down the line. After all, social trends tend to change quickly.


The Right Platforms

There are countless social media management business platforms out there, but your audience likely isn’t hanging out on all of them. Therefore, you need to carry out research to make sure you’re hitting the mark. For example, if you run a gaming blog, you will need to hit Reddit and Twitch, which are famously rife with gamers.


100% Response Rate

The clue is in the name: “social” media. This means you need to interact with your followers. Whether you receive a direct message, a comment, or someone leaves a review, you need to respond 100% of the time. On many platforms including Facebook, you can set auto-replies for messages to let people know you will respond later. Your response plan should have tiers to it including:

  • First responders. They acknowledge queries and ensure a detailed response is on the way.
  • Secondary responders. These people have greater knowledge and can answer challenging queries.
  • Follow uppers. These people make final contact to ensure their query was answered correctly.


Being Human

You’re running a business, but that doesn’t mean your communication needs to sound robotic. After all, you’re trying to appeal to real people, and they need to know they’re interacting with a human. Don’t be afraid to use emojis and show your personality with harmless jokes. If it’s not offensive to anyone, jump aboard the meme train to capitalise on social trends.


Social media makes up a large part of business branding, which is why it needs to be carried out correctly. If you can master the components outlined above, you’ll begin to see an increase in engagement rates.


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