Why most people lose £££s at the PPC game

Why most people lose £££s at the PPC game

Did you know that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors? With stats like that, investing in PPC Management seems to be a no-brainer, especially when so many other companies are already doing it and making good profits.

We know that PPC offers a great opportunity to deliver sales (if it didn’t people wouldn’t be investing billions in it year on year) but the reality is that if you get it wrong, or just leave it to run its course, you could very well be throwing your money down the drain.


Do you know the generic PPC management mistakes to look out for?


At soVision IT we see the same mistakes made time and time again by companies trying but failing to grow their business through PPC Management. The temptation then is to walk away from pay per click campaigns deeming them ‘ineffective’. Yet there’s a reason why successful businesses are willing to plough large budgets into their campaigns; PPC works, when done right. The good news is, generic mistakes can be quite easily avoided when you know the most common ones to look out for.


Failing to measure PPC campaigns

Successful PPC is not just about bidding on keywords, producing your ad copy and then leaving your campaign to run its course. The value of your PPC investment can only be known once measured, so check your metrics regularly and consistently. Do you know which of your keywords are leading to sales and which are dead wood, draining your budget unnecessarily? Find out what’s working and what isn’t and then amend your campaign accordingly. Which leads us to…


Buying bulk over high-value

At soVision IT we see this mistake a lot: businesses trying to bid on as many keywords as possible, instead of opting for high-value ones. The chances are, out of all the keywords you are investing in only a handful will be delivering valuable conversion rates. If you are blindly buying bulk, you are most likely sapping your Pay Per Click Management budget on wasted ads. Analysing your data is the key to knowing which of your keywords are delivering.


Choosing broad match as default

Businesses dipping their toe into PPC Management for the first time will more often than not automatically bid on broad match keywords as a default, over exact match keywords. The benefit of broad match is that it can allow you to reach the widest audience possible but in reality, they can be harder to deliver on. Broad match keywords are not as targeted so the customers that are seeing your ads are less likely to be interested in them…and less likely to go on to purchase.

Inconsistent content

Like all marketing strategies, PPC does not work on its own. It needs to be considered alongside everything else you put out into the online space, with good content at the heart of it all. Every stage of your click-through content should demonstrate a strong selling point, clear engaging messaging and a consistent brand voice from your ad copy to your email marketing to your landing page. Disjointed messaging will lose customers at every click.


Neglecting your landing page

You’ve just invested a hefty amount of money into Pay Per Click Management, have successfully bid on some valuable keywords, crafted your ad copy, launched the campaign, but what about your landing pages? The aim of PPC is to lead customers to your website, but a below par landing page or one that screams ‘sell, sell, sell’ and is full of mediocre copy will never convert to sales. It takes just a second or two for users to form an opinion about your website; what does your landing page say about you?


There’s a lot to take in, but even if you’re a beginner in PPC there’s no reason why you can’t expect to see a high ROI, quality conversion rates and increased sales through investing in it. Make sure you do your homework and plan your campaigns properly and if that’s unrealistic for you, get someone else to do it for you. At soVision IT we’re happy to take care of your PPC campaigns so that you can get on with running the rest of your business. To find out more about what we’ve done for our other clients just give us a call.


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