Why Web Design Is So Important to Digital Marketing

Why Web Design Is So Important to Digital Marketing

Every business should have a website in the digital age because a website is crucial for accomplishing business objectives and can be an integral part of its growth. Additionally, a website is a critical asset when it comes to digital marketing. Because it is typically the first point of contact for many of your customers, you need to ensure your website is well-designed, performant and offers a great user experience. Without going too much into web development, we will be focusing on why your website’s design and build strategy is crucial to your digital marketing efforts.


It Demonstrates Your Expertise and Reputation

People find it very hard to trust a business that does not have a website. Even when you do, people do not see you as a serious or reputable business if your website uses an outdated website design and build strategy or does not provide a good user experience. This means that even if you have done the hard work of getting people to the website through your marketing efforts, you will have a hard time converting them on a website they do not like and trust.


Search Engine Optimisation

A good website design can be crucial for helping with SEO. How? Because well-designed websites typically have underlying code written with Search Engine Optimisation Services in mind if the business hired a competent web developer for the initial design or redesign. A search engine spider finds it easier to crawl the website, which leads to it being indexed and ultimately ranked.

Additionally, a good website design can increase organic and repeat traffic. People are more likely to revisit your website if it is designed in a way that makes it easier for them to find the information they need. These repeat visitors contribute to your organic traffic and therefore your SEO ranking.


It Makes Conversions Easier

Most people do not want to deal with convoluted websites where they do not know what you would like them to do. If the design makes it harder to use a website, people will leave, and there is little chance they will come back.

A good website design presents everything you would like a user or visitor to do logically. Want them to leave their name and email? The form will be on the left or right sidebar. Want them to click a button? The call to action will be placed in a way that makes it easier to access and uses copy that makes people know what you expect of them.

Good web design and development strategies will also include instructions for what people can expect after converting. These benefits of leaving their contact information cannot help conversions if people do not see them because they left before doing so.


It Helps with Branding

A common objective of digital marketing is increasing brand recognition. A website design that uses your brand assets including colours, imagery, fonts, and others can help with this objective.


There is a tight-knit relationship between web design and digital marketing. Your website's design can either help or hamper your marketing efforts. Hiring a competent web designer can help ensure the former and avoid the latter.


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