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soVision IT provides bespoke cloud services for schools and nurseries in Bristol, Bath and throughout the UK making sure all your data can be accesed any time on any device.

Cloud computing in education has now become accessible and affordable. You have the ability to completely replace your traditional ICT hardware with simple (and very small) terminals which connect into hosted machines. This allows you to dramatically lower your carbon footprint and electricity bill! Below you can see the main six cloud computing solutions that we can implement in schools.

Anti Spam

This premium anti-spam service filters each individual e-mail before it reaches your server and is therefore completely removed into a separate quarantine area. This is incredibly powerful as it leaves you completely risk free.

Now of course there are always new viruses coming out with clever ways to avoid anti-spam detection however our service automatically updates its anti-spam definitions globally every 15 minutes.

When you consider that, on average, a user spends 15 minutes per day deleting or checking spam e-mail, it’s really easy to accumulate wasted time. If you have 15 users this means 3.75 hours a day is being wasted due to spam. This works out at 18.75 hours a week, 75 hours a month and 900 hours a year.

What more can your business achieve when you suddenly find an extra 900 hours of productivity?

The cost for our service is minimal per user, which based on our example of 15 users generates an incredible ROI. You'll save money and get an additional 900 hours of productivity out of your staff. It’s also based on actual human beings, so if you were to have 50 mailboxes and 2 employees you would only have to pay for 2 licenses, not 50.

There are no lengthy contracts and you can give a months’ notice to cancel.


A single, central management platform alerts you when issues arise and enables us to proactively monitor your network easily and efficiently.

The benefit of our education cloud services anti-virus over other solutions is that you will be added to our portal where we get instant notifications of any issues, such as a PC infected with a virus. We can notify you of this and we will take action (with your permission to act as such) to deal with the issue as soon as it arises.

This highly proactive approach helps to ensure that if in the event of a virus outbreak, it is contained and eliminated as quickly as possible.

Having a cloud anti-virus solution also enables you to have a flexible monthly payment plan. No longer will you have to commit to 12 months and have a license go to waste should one of your employees leave, add or remove licenses as needed.

Remote Backup

97% of organisations experiencing a major data loss are forced to close inside 2 years.

Our fully managed online data backup tool will safeguard your company files and emails from disaster. It requires no hardware and backs up automatically with no need for human intervention, this saves you time and eliminates any potential for human error.

You can reduce your IT costs as no hardware or software purchases are required, and with no human intervention needed, reduces the potential of a costly cleanup and recovery job.

You'll also get detailed post backup reports to make data consistency easy and quick to manage, plus you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling that you know your business data is safe should the worst happen.

Your data is encrypted using military grade strength which keeps your files safe and secure. Our UK data centres also replicate that data between 3 data centres located around the M25, ensuring that a copy of your data is always available.

Microsoft Office 365 for education

Did you know that Office 365 is FREE for your school?

Microsoft Office 365 provides a complete solution for e-mail, messaging and collaborative working. Built for teamwork, you can work together how you want, when you want, from wherever you want.

With no heavy upfront investment, you'll have the flexibility to add or remove users as needed. Office 365 provides the ROI you need to succeed.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a secure business e-mail service that empowers your staff and your business to work anywhere, at any time.

Hosted Exchange allows you to utilise enterprise class e-mail solutions, without the need for investing in thousands of pounds of infrastructure. Our subscription service makes economic sense, providing the same enterprise strength IT enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies and SME's at an affordable monthly price.

You'll also get access to enterprise features such as shared calendars and contacts, document collaboration and built in anti-spam and anti-malware.

A 99% Guaranteed SLA (which is financially backed) is also included, so you know you can count on your e-mail always being up and running.

Hosted Exchange allows you to easily manage your business by adding / removing users and only ever being charged for the quantity you have rather than traditionally buying a block of licenses.

Taking the stress away from your server is another further benefit of Hosted Exchange. This may extend the life of your server, allow for faster backups and, should your server shut down, your email will continue.

Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop is one of our most requested education cloud services allowing you to replace your traditional office desktops with tiny devices that remote into your personal machine, hosted in our data centres.

Staff can also access their hosted desktop from their own internet, at home or on the move with any internet enabled device. Safe and secure access means they can immediately share calendars, files and folders at the touch of a button, truly enabling you to take the office with you.

A hosted desktop looks and feels exactly the same as a normal desktop, except that it runs on a remote server in our UK data centres. All you need in the office is a monitor, keyboard/mouse and a tiny terminal. This terminal will then remote into your hosted desktop ready for you to work.

With our service, your IT costs become predictable and more importantly, manageable. This allows you to "Pay As You Grow" rather than having to lay down an expensive foundation when you don't need it.

Should disaster strike, you'll be safe in the knowledge that your entire IT infrastructure is safe and accessible. It also means your staff will still be able to work whilst we get you back up and running. 

Our complete cloud services for schools can help any educational organisation in Bristol, Bath and the UK eliminate expensive software and hardware while giving total accessibility from any device any time. Contact us now on 0117 986 4026 or email us at info@sovisionit.com.

If you're looking for a professional IT Support in Bristol and for more about our complete ICT solutions contact us.

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