Allocated Principal Engineer will periodically meet with you.

Our managed IT services for schools in Bristol, Bath and UK include regular meetings with your appointed Customer Services Manager and allocated Principal Engineer ensuring that an effective ICT planning is delivered. 

Personal service is of utmost importance to us and is something we take pride in going the extra mile to deliver. 

Your appointed Customer Services Manager will periodically meet with designated school representatives to:

- Assess the type of tickets created and response times provided
- Highlight any tickets that need particular attention or hardware / software replacement
- Discuss and review any customer service issues
- Identify any staff training required to get the most out of your education managed services 

Your allocated Principal Engineer will periodically meet with school representatives to:

- Provide technical feedback
- Provide an opportunity for you to highlight any future ICT plans

We believe it is important to set aside time to strategically discuss the ICT planning and managed services in schools aside from the daily support requests.

With our managed services for schools you will reduce your ICT spend

A Manager or Director from soVision IT will also meet with your school finance team specifically to identify ways we can reduce your ICT spend.

Bringing our vast experience to bear we will be able to work with the school to identify cost saving areas.

Using this knowledge we will work with the school to produce a detailed 3 year budgeting and ICT plan. This allows you to count your pennies and help to clear the fog surrounding ICT spending.

soVision IT is providing complete Managed IT Services for schools  to many educational organisations in Bristol, Bath and throughout the UK. Contact us now on 0117 986 4026 or email us at info@sovisionit.com.

If you're looking for a professional IT Support in Bristol and for more about our complete ICT solutions contact us.

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