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Our professional school IT infrastructure services enable us to design a core infrastructure that will exceed the expectations of any educational establishment in Bristol, Bath and the UK.

From initial information gathering and assessing your requirements right through to implementation, migration and training, we provide dedicated technical expertise to ensure that the solutions we propose are implemented on time and within budget, and aligned to your requirements.

We listen carefully to understand your school requirements which enables us to select the appropriate educational technology which in turn will add value to your school.

Server Infrastructure

The server is the heartbeat of your schools IT infrastructure that powers your network and delivers the platform for you to perform. We have successfully installed over 200 servers for customers which were delivered on time and within budget.

We provide fit for purpose hardware whilst taking into account our knowledge of industry growth. We have the technical expertise and experience to advise you of what server solution would best suit your current and future requirements.

Once your server is installed we can monitor the entire education infrastructure, provide various backup solutions, manage your email services and anti-virus programs.

Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless technology is easy to install and is an invaluable asset to your school as long as it is set up correctly and you have the right equipment.

We provide wireless audits that identify potential problems including dead spots, electronic interference and wireless signals from your business neighbours that can all significantly impact the reliability of your wireless infrastructure.

We are partners with major wireless manufacturers and as such can provide extremely cost effective solutions with great value for money.

Printer Networks

We work with a business partner to provide extremely cost effective printing solutions for your business.

Lease a floor standing multi-function printer with all the bells and whistles for just £1 per month, you then simply pay per print.

This allows you to have the very best printers you need for your business without having to spend thousands of pounds to get them. 

Network Infrastructure

Your ICT network runs on a backbone of equipment called switches whose job it is to transfer data to and from various pieces of equipment, such as your server or PC.

It is critically important that these vital pieces of hardware are the right specification to allow your network to operate at the speeds you need.

We can install or upgrade your network infrastructure to ensure you are getting the best possible speed. To put things into perspective, previous switches had a speed limit of 100mph, whilst the latest generation have a speed limit of 1000mph.

With us taking a complete look at your infrastructure, we can be sure that solutions we implement, take all of these factors into consideration.

Infrastructure Auditing

It is absolutely vital your network infrastructure keeps pace with increasing demand and growth. Our network auditing service is a valuable service that identifies strengths and weaknesses that can restrict your schools ICT plans.

Your ICT network and core education infrastructure is the engine that drives your school so it is imperative you have the right hardware and software in place to keep up with the demand. Take advantage of the latest IT technology in schools now. 

Over time new and different demands are placed on your school and your network can suffer as a result; this means performance, scalability and resilience are all affected. Our Network Auditing service can help determine how well your existing education infrastructure is working and give any recommendations on new services and applications that may be required.

Depending on your requirements we can investigate specific issues or perform a comprehensive network audit. The areas we can assist you with include:

  • Server and backup optimisation
  • Network cabling and data management
  • Switch configuration
  • Group policy analysis
  • Network hardware details
  • Review and document physical layout of your network
  • Traffic analysis and network usage

Following on from the network analysis stage, we will provide a comprehensive report on our findings. This will include recommendations for improving your current school IT infrastructure based on the aspirations you have set.

With two offices located in Bristol and Midsomer Norton, we are able to offer professional school IT infrastructure services to all educational establishments in Bristol, Bath and throughout the UK from nurseries and infants, juniors and SEN schools to primary and secondary schools, multi academy trusts, universities, colleges, private, state, independent and public schools. Contact us now on 0117 986 4026 or email us at info@sovisionit.com.

If you're looking for a professional IT Support in Bristol and for more about our complete ICT solutions contact us.

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