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Providing support solutions to schools since 2009.

ICT for Schools

We understand that teaching and learning is impacted when IT problems occur and how this causes incredible frustration when in the middle of a lesson, so it is important to have the right level of support in place.

With experience in wireless solutions, Sims, classroom IT hardware, remote backup and server infrastructures, we can quickly identify and resolve IT issues whilst minimizing the impact to teaching. The installation of large projects are arranged to take place out of school hours; this significantly reduces interruptions and any impact to students learning.

Operating within the financial constraints of the school, we provide bespoke support packages that meet the needs of the school and also help you to meet your Ofsted objectives. All of our staff are DBS checked.

Research shows 93% of organisations who experience a significant data loss by failing to properly backup their information by putting a disaster recovery plan in place go out of business within 5 years. Failing to build a secure backup and disaster recovery strategy puts your data and business at serious risk because your business information is the hardest asset you will ever have to replace.

Our Services Include:

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