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 Bristol-based Managed IT Services from a helpful local provider. 

Security and resilience are non-negotiables in business; without them, the company would fall over. But how much attention can you really give to keeping the wrong people out and the right people in? 

soVision IT works with SMEs to keep your technology safe, secure and working as it should, so you can forget about it. More time for doing business, not reboots.  

Our Clients

We work with businesses with between 10-500 users, anywhere in the UK, from retail businesses to professional services, from events companies to solicitors. Take a look at what our clients have said about our Managed IT Service.

Independent Health Group

"Since soVision IT took over our full IT support, we have used them for a number of projects to stabilise our existing infrastructure and improve our users experience. Over the past 12 to 24 months we have moved from a rather ‘cobbled together’ server design to a completely manageable set up with a move to Virtual Desktop Interface (VDi) for our remote workers to be able to access our full systems from wherever they are.

Our organisation needs a fast and reliable IT system that enable our users to access our Healthcare systems from some 12 locations within the UK as well as supporting our staff working at home through the last 15 months of ‘challenging’ times. We were assigned a project manager, Nick Townsend, to review, design and implement our new server revamp and to say the least it was a challenging project that went very well during the pandemic. With our systems rebuilt we enabled all staff that did not need to be in our office to work from home in a very short space of time, giving us the ability to function as normal and ensure strong information security was maintained."

Tony Betts, IT Director, Independent Health Group


What soVision IT did for them:

The Independent Health Group server infrastructure was reconfigured as it was crashing and users couldn’t log on. soVision IT replaced the hard drives for SSD’s and reconfigured the VDI platform. Since the upgrade, Independent Health Grouup haven’t experienced any downtime.

Mark Richard Brokers

"When we rushed to set up our teams to be able to work from home in March 2020, the help soVision IT gave was invaluable. Their continuing support and advice as the situation and our needs have evolved has meant we have reinvented our operating model and continue to trade in a profitable manner."

Mark Wyatt, Managing Director, Mark Richard Brokers


What soVision IT did for them:

soVision IT setup Mark Richards to be able to work from home before the first lockdown was introduced.

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

"Installation – Very quick, organised, helpful and informative staff.  It didn’t cause any disruption to users. Infrastructure is performing fantastically. The morning after installation we met with some tenants who praised how well the Wi-Fi was. All good reports still being fed back from tenants which is a great sign considering we are full onsite as well with possibly over 80 staff living in onsite accommodation.”

Laura Jeffrey, Site Services Administrator, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust


What soVision IT did for them:

soVision IT have helped Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust with the installation of a new wireless infrastructure.

Contracts Advance

"Exceptional service, soVision IT's passion for O365 was clear! The engineers provided some great ideas as to how the application could be utilised and further developed. Overall, a very smooth transition from our existing document management/storage system to SharePoint."

Craig Millhouse, Managing Director, Contracts Advance

Chris Williams, Head of Operations, Contracts Advance


What soVision IT did for them:

Our IT support desk have delivered an excellent service to Contracts Advance and the professional service team have also migrated them to the cloud.


"soVision IT potentially sorted a long-standing issue due to a methodical exploration of the possible causes and all in a professional, friendly, efficient and reassuring manner. Thank you!"

Simon Mills, Managing Director, eyeplan


What soVision IT did for them:

sovision IT completed a full Virtual Server Infrastructure Refresh for Eyeplan.

Folio Print Finishing

"I have a complex bit of kit and this is controlled by a computer which is getting old and obsolete. The manufacturers have quoted for a replacement at a cost of £21k. This is a lot of money so I approached soVision IT to see if they could offer a solution and take on the challenge! After a few onsite meetings and a bit of brainstorming, they came up with a solution costing me £1500 making me a saving of £19.500 well-done soVision IT. Always prepared go that extra mile."

"We have developed a great relationship with soVision IT over the past years and more recently with the marketing team. They have helped us with successfully promoting our services to our database. We appreciate their attention to detail, creativity, friendliness and communication."

Richard Hughes, Managing Director Folio


What soVision IT did for them:

The IT Support desk have delivered an excellent service to Folio and the professional service team have migrated them to Office 365 email, SharePoint and Azure AD. As well as this, the Digital Marketing department have also carried out Monthly Marketing Emails to help engage their target audience in the promotion of their wide range of existing and new print finishing services.

Forrester Sylvester Mackett LLP

"soVision IT have helped us design, plan and implement a brand new Hyper-V environment and seamlessly migrated all our existing infrastructure onto it. The process was professionally carried out by the engineers and they ran through each stage of the process in great detail and were more than happy to answer questions."

Carl Ferguson, IT Manager, Forrester Sylvester Mackett LLP


What soVision IT did for them:

soVision IT have helped design, plan and implement a brand new Hyper-V environment for Forrester Sylvester Mackett and seamlessly migrated all of their existing infrastructure onto it.


For us, the most impressive aspect of the project was the migration process – it was so seamless and trouble-free that most of our staff wouldn’t have realised we were changing our hosting environment had we not told them beforehand.

Birger Schaathun, IT Manager, Ecosurety


What soVision IT did for them:

The support desk at soVision IT have delivered excellent services to Ecosurety. The professional service team have migrated them to Office 365 email and to a Microsoft Azure server.

Our Managed IT Services

Backup, safeguarding and resiliency are the lifeblood of our work. Our aim? Protecting your business so you can protect your clients. Here’s how we do it. 

IT Support

Reliable IT support that won’t cost the earth, delivered ad-hoc or as a ‘done for you’ service

No matter how reliable your IT, no matter how many layers of redundancy are built into your systems, sometimes things go wrong. In those moments, the calm expertise of a professional doesn’t just resolve the problem it makes the experience less fraught too. 

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Managed Service Provider

Proactive support designed to protect your business, minimise downtime and increase resilience

When was the last time you had an audit of your IT systems? You never know, you could make improvements that deliver greater efficiency and profits.

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Managed Cyber Security

Any business is at risk of cyber crime – even one like yours…

The days when some antivirus software and a firewall protected your IT are long gone. It’s easy to believe that a cyber attack would never happen to your business. Maybe you think that you’re too small, too well protected, that criminals only go for major corporations or vulnerable individuals…

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Cloud & Hosting Services

Cost-effective, flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure.

Cloud computing offers all the advantages of running your own servers, but with none of the headaches. Instead of employing an IT expert to maintain your systems, you can outsource it for a fraction of the cost.

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High-performance secure broadband with UK-based customer support. Yes, really.

Sluggish broadband is irritating for anyone. In a business context, it impacts performance, efficiency, and proves costly when it doesn’t work as it should.

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VOIP Telephony

Phone systems that scale with you; pay for what you use, not what you don’t

Figuring out the inner workings of a telephone system is probably not why you’re in business. Wouldn’t it be great if your phones simply did what they were supposed to: make communication simpler and deliver feature-rich functionality?

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