3 Things You Never Want to Hear Your Managed IT Provider Say

3 Things You Never Want to Hear Your Managed IT Provider Say

The IT team you decide to work with will have a huge impact on your business. Some Managed IT Services are nothing more than a glorified help desk, while other services will go above and beyond to help. If you choose the right team, then your networks and everything that's in them will be safe. You're less likely to suffer interruptions too. Choose the wrong team, on the other hand, and your systems will be down more often than you'd like, and you could open yourself up to serious breaches. If you're currently interviewing teams or are working with one but you're not convinced they're doing a good job, here are some things you never want to hear them say.


“We’ll Get Right Back to You”

If your managed IT service company can't give you a response about an issue right when you call them, they should at least give you some clarifications about what could be happening. And if they need to review your systems or send someone to your business, they should at least give you a timeline. They can't leave you in the dark. This might be a sign that they're either overwhelmed by the situation or that you're not a priority for them.


“We’re Sorry”

This is another thing you should never hear from a managed IT service professional. No one is infallible, but IT services need to be near perfect for them to be worthwhile. You cannot deal with repeated breaches or keep missing important updates. Not all breaches are preventable, but some of them are, and if a breach was caused by negligence from your managed IT service, then we suggest that you start looking for someone else right away.


“We Can’t Tell You Right Now”

If you ask specific questions about an IT service and they can't answer, then that's a problem. There may be times when they don't know what's causing an issue, but they should be able to tell you things like how many employees they have working for them, what their level of expertise is, and the scope of service they can offer. If they can't answer, then there's a strong chance that they're kicking a lot of their work to a subcontractor. This is often the case when people can't answer staffing questions.


Note that it's not necessarily wrong for managed IT services to work with outside contractors. As a matter of fact, it can be a good thing since not all services can have all the skills needed to handle every job. But they should be transparent about who they work with so you can verify their track record and expertise.

Finding a great IT service provider can take time, but if any provider you’re speaking with or are currently working with says any of these things, go elsewhere. A good provider should be transparent, competent, and have a solid reputation, so make sure that anyone you choose possesses these qualities and more.


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