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Cloud backup – Offsite and out of mind

Cloud backup – Offsite and out of mind

As long as digital files have existed, backups of those files have been needed in case of a disaster. Various different options, types of media and types of software have been used to manage backup over the generations of computing. Data backup is now more important than ever before - the threats and therefore the risk to your data grows by the day. The world saw the chaos that gripped the NHS in May 2017. The ransomware outbreak was costly and brought a number of services to their knees, however, the data was safe as it had been securely backed up.


What are your backup options?


Backup options today are even more varied to a decade ago. Why? Because of ever-faster internet. We now have the option not to just have a backup of data on-premise, but the option to copy all of our data to storage which is in a different geographic area.

Remote cloud backup removes two primary risks when compared to conventional removable media backup, the human element and the corruption of media.


What is the human element?


If you rely on a human to remember to complete a task, you introduce the possibility that it may not happen. I’ll hold up my hands and admit that I have personally forgotten to change a backup tape in the past, as I suspect most people have. Had there been a malware outbreak that evening, there would have been data loss. Cloud backup is automated. Automation ensures that it doesn’t get forgotten or overlooked. The backup job will reliably complete every day which removes this risk.

Media corruption is an unfortunate fact of all removable media and always has been. There are a number of reasons that it can happen, something as simple as dropping a backup tape or a removable hard disk drive can mean that it won’t work again correctly. Removable media is fragile, no matter what type. Cloud backup does not require removable media. Your data is copied, encrypted and that transmitted across the internet to a remote secure location where it is retained for as long as it is needed.

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