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Has your IT support provider been ‘up to the job’ during lockdown?

Has your IT support provider been ‘up to the job’ during lockdown?

While you’ve been in lockdown, how effective has your IT support provider been? Would you even know what good ‘should’ look like?

Have they supported you as well as you would have expected, considering the changing face of the work place – with many people working from home?

Do you feel they were proactive in supporting you make quickfire changes and then in supporting you in a ‘new’ environment? Was the transition as seamless as possible?

As we come out of lockdown is it time to make a change? 


Here are some reasons why your current provider may no longer be the right fit for your business and your team:


  1. The IT company you work with has not taken the time to talk to you about what your business actually does – and its new goals. They have not looked at the bigger picture to see how IT works within and across your company and the wider sector.
  1. Throughout this time, your provider is always having to solve problems, which have not been of your making, or caused by your staff - rather than stopping or anticipating problems in the first place.
  1. You don’t understand IT and tech, however, you don’t know what they have been doing either. They haven’t shared in detail, what they have done and what they are going to do in the coming months. They take the view that ‘ignorance is bliss’.
  1. You still don’t understand what they are talking about. They use too many acronyms, and IT jargon that to you, sounds like techie nonsense. No attempt has been made to talk to you in terms you and your staff understand.
  1. Your monthly invoice doesn’t itemise what it is that you are paying for.
  1. You are nervous about the security problems that can arise with tech yet that’s barely addressed by your provider and they are always trying to upsell you more software or extra support plans.
  1. Your IT support provider is lax about ensuring your software is regularly updated. Are they actually aware of the latest trend themselves? Do they have regular training and development themselves?
  1. The way your provider has designed your system is very complicated, and they make it hard for members of your team to access things easily.
  1. The support team in your IT provider's office is very hard to contact, and take far too long to react.
  2. The IT providers tend to favour specific programs and software, without giving options from a wider market or looking at your company’s specific needs – and no proactive conversation about perhaps designing a bespoke solution.


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