Panning for Gold

Panning for Gold

Let’s be honest, IT Managed Service Providers aren’t hard to find. A quick search on the web will drum up thousands of results and there are approximately 11,500 companies operating in the UK alone. It’s a saturated market and while finding an IT Managed Service Provider isn’t difficult, choosing someone with extensive Microsoft 365 Office 365 expertise is a whole other story.

How do you go about making that choice of provider? Do you make things easy and go with the top Google result, or perhaps one that’s geographically closest? Or do you base your choice on a company you know has already been vetted as achieving the highest level of company customer care?

The truth is out of the 11,500  IT Managed Service Providers in the UK, only a handful are Microsoft Partners, and out of those only the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide are Gold Certified*. Here at soVision IT we’re proud to have achieved this accolade, meaning we can support our clients with all of their Office 365 Microsoft 365 needs.

That’s all well and good I can hear you say, but what does that mean for me? Companies wax lyrical about their achievements all the time, but these days so many certifications can be bought online by just about anyone and everyone, that they mean very little to their customers.

Well, here at soVision IT we believe that being a Microsoft Gold Partner offers something wholly different and gives us the best chance of providing the kind of exemplary service that you, our customers, deserve. Because when all’s said and done, who needs another certificate for the boardroom that means nothing to the people that really matter?


Could you benefit from a Microsoft Gold Partner?

Microsoft doesn’t give up its certification easily, and Gold Partners have to prove through rigorous testing that they are committed to excellence and have the appropriate competencies to expertly implement Microsoft 365 Office 365 solutions to benefit their clients.

For our customers, this means a guarantee of professional expert support at the very highest level. In turn, you can trust that the expertise of our staff is continually developed through annual reviews and with a commitment to delivering better, always.

  • Our customers are provided with exemplary, continuous customer and online technical support, with an ability to escalate cases directly to Microsoft where necessary.
  • They are the first to know about news, updates, and useful information from Microsoft, whose solutions are always evolving.
  • They benefit from a provider with access to smarter training tools, utilities, and Microsoft’s ongoing tutorials and training programmes. Staff that have proven they know their stuff.
  • Our customers know they are working with a provider that has a proven specialised skill set when it comes to implementing tech solutions and providing service in a specific area.
  • Security and resilience for the customers we support, along with reassurance in a provider that undergoes regular audits to demonstrate proficiency and experience.
  • Confidence that at least 15 individuals have passed various core value exams, so competency is proven across the business no matter who you work with at soVision IT.
  • Provision of various Microsoft IT services and products, as well as access to up to 100 licenses per product, so clients can test-drive solutions before making big decisions.

In short, we have worked hard to become a Microsoft Gold Partner because we want to offer the very best to our clients and deliver more value to them. We want you to feel confident that you are benefitting from an IT Managed Service Provider that has the highest level of competence and capability to provide Microsoft business solutions.

If you’d like to know more about what this means we can deliver to you and your business, feel free to get in touch with us here at soVision IT.





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