Speed up your signing in!

Speed up your signing in!

Speed up your signing in!


Knowing what members of staff or visitors are on your premises has always been a requirement. From the days of punch cards or a sign-in book, through to the more modern equivalents such as fingerprint scanning, we need to know who is on our premises. This has now been made even easier with the help of our Managed IT Services team. 


Why is signing in important?


Keeping a log of staff arrival and departure times is a useful tool for management to ensure that correct hours are being worked, however, there is a far more important reason. The process of signing in has health and safety ramifications – if there is an emergency, how do you currently know what staff and visitors are on your premises?


Do you want a quick and affordable signing in process?


12 months ago, Managed IT Provider soVision IT began using a new system to simplify and digitise the process which is worth sharing. Using a simple application and some tablet devices, both staff and visitors can now sign in via the touch of a screen – quick and easy. The information is stored within a cloud platform which allows access from any internet connected device.

This gives a modern touch to visitors, as well as several other benefits:

  • Live synchronised staff and visitor list available on any internet-connected device. This makes it easy to confirm who is present in the event of an emergency.
  • staff sign in history which can be viewed in spreadsheet format for trend analysis.
  • The pre-registration of guests and email invitations enables quick sign in on arrival.
  • Photographs of guests can be taken on arrival to aid identification on larger sites.
  • The system is compatible with badge printers for businesses who want to be able to identify guests whilst on site.
  • SMS and Email notifications for staff when their visitors arrive.

The software can be branded for your business, giving visitors a positive impression from the moment that they walk through the door. Bring your visitor management into the modern age - soVision IT have done it, and we can help you do it too.


If you're looking to make some changes to the way your business operates, why not get in touch with a member of our Managed IT Services team? We're here to listen and we're here to help: 0117 986 4026 | [email protected].