An enterprise-grade leased line is the best option for modern business.

An enterprise-grade leased line is the best option for modern business.

Regardless of how we feel about it, the internet has become the core backbone of modern business. We use it in so many ways, using different technology platforms to keep in touch with our customers, colleagues and suppliers. Which is why Wireless Broadband Services are a must!


Where it all started: 


It all started in 1992 when Pipex introduced dial-up connections to the UK. Narrowband internet as it was called stayed with us for over 10 years in different guises. We all remember the noises that dial-up connections used to make – and how irritating it was when someone picked up the telephone on the line and dropped the connection. People trying to ring inbound would get hours of endlessly engaged tone in response. There were better connections available, however, the cost simply put them out of reach of SMEs.

As the internet grew in both size and popularity, the clock was ticking for the 56k internet. DSL internet was launched in 2000 and really changed the game. Now businesses could get access to the internet at over 20 times the speed previously available. As DSL was delivered over the existing copper phone lines, it was also far more cost-effective meaning fast internet became more attractive. Businesses of all shapes and sizes bought in, and the result has been dramatic.

Looking at how the modern business works, the internet over the last 15 years has not just changed the shape of business communication, it has changed how businesses operate altogether. Many businesses now have information held in cloud hosting services, virtual servers and a reliance on their websites for marketing and driving sales. Workers no longer need to visit the office and can work collaboratively with colleagues from any place they need to. The modern internet is a marvel, there is no doubt.

What happens then I ask, when that connection is severed. If your office has an internet outage, what happens? Do your communications still function? If you are using a VOIP telephone system and email from the cloud as many now do, there will be a huge impact on business functionality. Can you access all your data? If you have online data storage or remote offices that rely on a connection to your server, there’s a problem. The modern internet is a marvel as I said before, but using poor connectivity will cause significant problems to business operations.


How to solve this problem - enterprise-grade connectivity.


The beauty of time is that it brings the cost of technology down – look at the cost of an LCD monitor now versus the 2000s. The connections mentioned earlier (where the cost simply put them out of reach of SMEs) still exist, and they have also improved in speed and reduced in cost. Fibre optic leased lines that used to cost many thousands a month are now in the low hundreds and often can be installed for free.

Leased lines/Mobile Wireless Broadband Services offer the highest internet speeds, can be easily upgraded, won’t slow down at peak times, come with professional support and management and are extremely reliable.

An enterprise-grade leased line is the best option for modern business.


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