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Want to keep your Office365 data safe from hackers?

Want to keep your Office365 data safe from hackers?

Office365 is used by many businesses around the world but just because you are using this service doesn’t guarantee your data and information is safe from cyberattacks. If your customers and supplier’s private information is important to you, multi-factor authentication is a MUST!

As stated on the website, 46% of businesses have reported having cybersecurity breaches or malicious attacks in 2020. Using Multi-factor authentication not only saves you money but can also save you a lot of time because your data will be safer for your customers, suppliers, and employees.

With multi-factor authentication, you can be confident that your private information has greater Security in case of a cyberattack on your Office365 business accounts.


This service will include:


  • Enhancing the security of all user accounts.
  • Requesting a second proof of identity in addition to their password (this protects against cases when a user’s password is compromised).

There are 5 supported authentication methods that you can choose from, and our helpful IT experts will be on hand to choose and implement the best one for your business.


The 5 supported authentication methods are:


  • Call my authentication phone.
  • Text code to my authentication phone.
  • Call my office phone.
  • Notify me through app.
  • Use a verification code from app.

soVision IT will help you ensure the safety for you and all your customers data by installing this service across all your Ofiice365 accounts. All you need to do is say yes to gain 24/7 reassurance and keep hackers from stealing your data right under your nose.