When a better IT infrastructure wins the day

When a better IT infrastructure wins the day

When it comes to IT issues what could be better than killing two birds with one stone?
That’s all well and good, I hear you say, but also too good to be true without effective Managed IT Services.

If you share the same cynicism, we get it. The problem with IT infrastructure problems is that trying to find a way to overcome them and implement system-wide change is tricky. Especially when you want to avoid creating havoc for the business and widespread disruption. At times it can seem like an impossible task!

That fear and concern are understandable too. We’ve heard from several clients who have had previous bad experiences when trying to change or improve their IT infrastructure. And when things aren’t managed properly it’s true that employees can be affected by the disruption and productivity and profits may suffer.

If the same concerns resonate with you, don’t let previous bad experiences stop you from making positive changes to your IT infrastructure. If you’re currently experiencing some challenges – perhaps lengthy downtimes, disparate applications or compromised cyber security – those issues are only going to increase the longer they are left without intervention.

The brilliant thing about making changes to the core of your IT systems is that it will more often than not lead on to other positive impacts elsewhere in the business…


The right kind of domino effect

This knock-on domino effect of a beneficial impact is something our clients often experience when changing up their IT infrastructure, in particular when moving to the cloud.

Generally, most businesses will have a primary reason for wanting to move their documents to the cloud using our effective Cloud Hosting Services, such as wanting to make their business data more secure. It’s a savvy choice to make. Moving your documents (anything from emails to contracts to presentations) to the cloud is a great way to protect your data while still enabling easy access from anywhere at any time.

That’s not all though. When fundamental changes are made to the IT infrastructure, we often see unexpected benefits noticed in other areas of the business too. For instance, clients that move their data to the cloud to make their business more secure might soon find improved efficiencies across departments business-wide and increased collaboration due to the ease of access to files.


Still sound too good to be true? Here are just a few examples of how clients of ours have managed to overcome multiple hurdles by making simple changes to their IT infrastructure with our Managed IT Services team:

  • For our clients when moving to the cloud to improve security, they have also experienced financial benefits with fewer servers to maintain, monitor, fix and replace.
  • The desire to allow employees to access files from anywhere and anytime has in turn meant that IT support has become more effective with faster troubleshooting.
  • Using the cloud to reduce overheads has gone on to improve customer service with better access to real-time client data, enabling a more personalised customer experience.
  • Changing servers so that the IT infrastructure can scale up along with the business has led to once disparate systems now being able to link together to streamline efficiencies.
  • Wanting to be able to update computers remotely, while improving defence against cyber-attacks, has simultaneously resulted in environmental benefits to the company with the cloud reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Of course, some of our clients have gone on to experience not just one or two but multiple unexpected benefits from moving to the cloud, and that’s really where the benefit of changing your IT infrastructure lies.

If you still have concerns about implementing any IT changes within your business we’d be more than happy to have a friendly chat with you. Making significant changes can feel overwhelming but our professional Managed IT Services team will gladly offer up some tips and guidance on the best options available and how best to implement them with minimal disruption to your staff and business.


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