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A single-click access to all your business

Our AVG Secure Cloud-Based (SSO) Solutions allow business owners in Bristol, Bath and the South West to be in control of their staff's mobile devices and remote applications.

How does mobile device management (MDM) work?

AVG SSO provides full featured MDM control, listing all of the devices and shows details about each device’s configuration, installed applications and user’s activity. IT can see the device properties and issue commands to one or more devices, e.g. locate, lock, wipe, update policy, reboot etc.

How does application management work?

AVG SSO can deploy web application and mobile application easily from our Cloud Manager. Applications can be deployed according to a specific set of users. Various security policies can be applied to protect your company data from being accessed inappropriately outside the intranet.


  • Cost savings through employee productivity
  • Combines the best of SAML Single Sign On and Mobile Device Management in one system
  • HIPAA compliant, PCI compliant, FISMA compliant, SOC2 compliant
  • Secure Active Directory integration
  • Self-service for users (manage personal data, locate device, lock device, wiping, add personal apps to customize)
  • Microsoft Office 365 provisioning and integration
  • Over 3000 app database with group policy deployment

Our IDaaS service makes secure access to all services simple, across all your compatible devices.

Ease of use

Our client’s employees don’t have to remember multiple passwords across applications. Instead, a single password provides access to all the apps employees use whether they are on their desktop, laptop passwords and never-ending helpdesk tickets for password resets.

Unified management

Our IDaaS service unifies identity management, mobile device management, mobile application management and centralizes IT control of cloud and mobile applications on all devices. Our solution is a cross-platform service that supports all your compatible devices in one place, supporting all OS: Windows®, Mac®, iOS and Android™.

Less risk and more protection

Our IDaaS offers additional internet security with multifactor authentication to ensure a secure log on from anywhere, and on any device. We eliminate the risk of easy-to-remember, reused and/ or improperly managed passwords and reduce the risk of data breaches. In addition, with integrated mobile device and application management, we can easily protect business data on mobile devices.

Cost savings through productivity

End-users are more productive when they can use the devices of their choice for work, and when they don’t need to spend time tracking down and resetting passwords. In addition, our IDaaS service frees up valuable IT resources, thanks to fewer forgotten password calls, and gains in IT productivity. With Active Directory integration, user management becomes effortless greatly increasing productivity for end-users and management.

Our clients of the Secure Cloud-Based (SSO) Solutions range from small businesses in Bath to large enterprises in Bristol or the South West. soVision IT can help your business increase efficiency and productivity regardless of its size or type. 

Contact us now on 0117 986 4026 or email us at ITfocus@sovisionit.com.

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