24/7 Protected

24/7 Protected


It is fair to say that cyber security is crucial
in the digital age.

Everyone is online and consuming services anonymously. This creates the perfect environment for dishonesty and the carrying out of activities without the visibility or the knowledge of the data owner. Who can you really trust with the security of your data?

The times in which you could rely on a firewall and anti-virus to keep you safe has long gone. The landscape is changing, and as a result, even small businesses need a complete security solution to protect their IT systems. We have all seen the stories in the news, banking transactions that have been exposed to cybersecurity threats and senior officials leaving laptops, CDs and USB drives on trains containing highly sensitive information. With the arrival of new data protection legislation, companies need a way to stop threats both external and internal.

At soVision IT, we take customer’s data security very seriously for customers and non-customers alike. As part of our commitment to improving IT security for all businesses, we are offering a comprehensive IT security assessment free of charge with no obligation.

Using propriety software, a soVision IT engineer will complete a full security inspection, and you will receive a detailed report on the findings an action for remediation of any issues found. this takes around an hour to complete and is entirely non-intrusive for your business.

If you're looking for a professional IT services provider and for more about our complete IT solutions contact us.

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