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Everybody is talking about cyber security, but just a few are mentioning backup!

Two massive ransomware attacks - WannaCry and Petya - have caused in a month chaos and disruption worldwide, forcing multiple companies to shut down their operations.

Ransomware is here to stay and is only going to get more dangerous as cyber criminals move towards increasingly sophisticated forms of cryptographic malware. The more refined are the viruses that hackers release, the harder it becomes for an antivirus to detect them in time. Sometimes, even the most powerful defensive measures will not be able to protect your business. But what will definitely do it is: REGULAR BACKUP!

Why is backup so important?

Because just so you can make sure that any problems you encounter during the online activity of your business you can restore all your data! The Internet is full of threats, and the viruses and hacker attacks are not the only reasons why you should ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP. Sometimes you can also make a wrong setting, or delete files, in which case the soVision IT Support Team can resolve the issue by restoring the backup. Having your data constantly saved into a virtual environment to which you can have access at any time will give you the peace of mind from not having to worry about the security of your business.

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