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How to Protect yourself and your business from Malware

In 2015 two thirds of UK’s large businesses experienced a breach in their security, and in 2014, 60% of UK SMEs fell victim to cyber-attacks (source Unfortunately, as in any other aspect of our lives, we often don’t realise the risks and losses we may suffer until we go through it. Just a few weeks ago, our IT experts worked 24/7 for two days in a row to repair the damage made by hackers who successfully attacked a reputable company in the UK and this was an organisation that had strong security protection.

Without adequate protection, a single cyber-attack could cause a company to close down for several days or weeks, incur financial and data loss, destroyed businesses and ruined lives.

We at soVision IT want to raise the awareness on cyber security.

Please feel free to download and share this guide explaining possible threats and giving solutions on how to avoid them or what to do once infected. It’s completely free and yours to help everybody avoid a possible disaster!

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