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Is your website mobile-friendly?

There are two main reasons a website needs to be “mobile-friendly”:

  • More and more people are accessing the web using mobile devices; if a website is not mobile-friendly it might be impossible or difficult to use for these people.
  • Google now tests the mobile-friendliness of every page. When users search using a mobile device (which as mentioned above more and more people are) the mobile-friendliness of the relevant pages is a significant factor in deciding which sites are returned. This means that if a website is not mobile-friendly it is likely to appear lower in the search results than one that is mobile-friendly. Google’s ranking algorithms (and those of other search engines) are secret and are always being updated but with more and more people using mobile devices, it is likely that mobile-friendliness will become more significant.

A page is likely to be mobile-friendly if it:

  • Avoids software such a Flash that is unavailable in most mobile browsers.
  • The text is not so small that it would require zooming in to read it.
  • Fits the width of the device preventing the need to zoom or scroll horizontally to view the content.
  • Has links that are not too close together to be individually selected with a finger. If a website is not mobile-friendly we can resolve all of these issues.

If you are worried that your website is not optimised for mobile devices, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.