How linking software apps together saves your business money

How linking software apps together saves your business money

There’s no doubt about it, technology has completely changed how businesses in today’s world operate and has revolutionised the way in which workflows and processes can be managed day to day.

Gone are the days of endless paper trails and offices filled with archive business documents. Software Development, Technology and automation have improved efficiencies for many tenfold and new software really does have the power to elevate businesses in terms of productivity, reach and profit.

That said, simply implementing new technology into your business and letting it run its course isn’t enough. Often clients come to us having introduced new software as part of their IT system, or perhaps launched a business app to take care of certain processes, and yet are still experiencing issues with inefficiencies and productivity.

Why? Well, think of your business processes as an intertwined map of varying workflows; each one is connected and they need to be able to work together!

If your software or apps aren’t talking to each other, any improvements made from introducing a new application in one area will be inconsequential if inefficiencies continue to be experienced somewhere else in the system - and that just means money down the drain. This is why effective IT Software Development is crucial for many businesses.


The benefit of linking software apps

As with any system, the more you can streamline, link and interconnect the software apps you use in your business, the better off it will be.

  • Save time with IT Software Development: If different departments in your company are using multiple systems or applications to fulfil their requirements, so much time can be wasted trying to extract the right information and make it usable for each workflow. Converting files and setting up new accounts on different applications is time-consuming and laborious, and even more frustratingly it’s completely avoidable.
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches: If you’re using disjointed applications in your business, you run the risk of your data being handled separately across workflows and dispersed around different areas of the business and across multiple environments. The result? Your data becomes more vulnerable and at greater risk of being lost, stolen or tampered with.
  • Greater accessibility and visibility: Linking more than one business app together means greater accessibility company-wide, allowing employees to easily and seamlessly share files and information, work on documents and collaborate. Being able to access multiple applications that fulfil different needs of the business at any one time is crucial for making time and money savings.
  • Streamlined handling of data: Rather than data needing to be entered again and again into each existing application, when business apps are integrated together data is automatically distributed. The process will soon highlight any redundant tasks you’ve been accounting for and will facilitate the smooth, streamlined transfer of data among all your systems.
  • Eliminate unnecessary duplication: One of the biggest issues with disconnected software and workflows is that it more often than not results in duplication of files, data and documents between different staff members and departments. It’s a waste of time and it adds to the amount of data needing to be stored, increases the risk of errors being made, and makes tracking of any changes to documents unnecessarily difficult.
  • Better customer experience: Whether the business apps you use are client-facing or inter-company, linking your systems together is a win-win. For customers using your business apps they will experience a much smoother, seamless transition across every stage of the customer journey, while for those used within the company, external clients and partners will feel the benefits of an organisation that is benefitting from maximum productivity and efficiency across the business.
  • Easier to scale up: Automating functions can have a huge time-saving impact on businesses of any size and the great thing about interconnected automated apps is that they can be scaled up to continue to add value as your business grows, resulting in huge cost savings for growth.

It’s understandable that integrating all of your business applications can be daunting, particularly if you use multiple apps combined with legacy systems. The length of time to integrate and the impact on employees and day to day workings of the business all need to be considered.

Few businesses live to regret it; when all of your systems are able to communicate together with effective Software Development in the same language it can have an incredibly positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of your business, and crucially it will save you money. We find that our clients never look back once they have made the move to application integration, perhaps your business could benefit from the same?

If you’d like to find out a little more about the integration process and the IT Software Development options available for your business, feel free to give us a call - we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you.

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