Please leave a message at the tone

Please leave a message at the tone

Here’s the thing about business enquiries left on answerphones; very few people listen to them, even fewer act on them because they don't have effective IT Software Development in place.

These days it is very easy to screen and avoid incoming sales calls. According to Ringlead, 80% of calls go to voicemail while 90% of first-time voicemails are never returned. It’s a daunting statistic and more than a little disheartening!

So while your sales people are spending a significant percentage of their time leaving messages on a machine that may never be picked up, doesn’t it leave you wondering if there might be a more efficient way of getting things done?

We all know the saying ‘time is money’ but when it comes to business it couldn’t be more true. Your time is precious – you don’t need us to tell you that – and yet inefficient business systems and processes are where so much time gets wasted. It’s an easy fix to make with a reliable IT Software Development company but left ignored can result in a significant drain on your company's time, money, and resources.


Take the load off

Consider your own business systems for a moment. The chances are there is at least one workflow system you have in place that is taking up more time and human resources than it needs to. Perhaps it is the way in which your bookings and sales are made, or it could be your onboarding process. It might even be a lack of automation in your work; are certain areas of your business swamped in paperwork that only adds to your workload when the process could be streamlined?

An electrical engineering client of ours came to us with a similar issue they were experiencing in the way their risk assessments were conducted. As a company, they undertook a lot of complex on-site installations and upgrades of electrical infrastructure, and part of their work involved undertaking complex risk assessments for each job. The problem was, a lot of safety issues had to be covered within the risk assessment document and this was all captured on a large paper-based system, which was lengthy and time-consuming.

Working with the company we used our IT Software Development knowledge and simplified the process by developing an electronic system that had the ability to be ‘context sensitive’. This meant that only the elements which were directly relevant to each particular installation were included in the process, and any questions which were not relevant or inapplicable to the installation were eliminated.

It was a simple notion but effective. The concept of getting rid of unnecessary tasks that only add to your workload is not a new one but it is often overlooked in systems that have been in place for several years. In this case, by simplifying and focusing our client’s processes, significant efficiencies were made. At the same time the likelihood of things being omitted, or errors being made, was reduced which contributed to the overall health and safety of each installation. In short, the new system doesn’t just work more efficiently, it does its job more effectively.


Streamline your business systems with IT Software Development

Of course, every business is different and what works for one might have little impact on another. There are several ways of creating efficiencies across your business and the right solution for yours will depend on the challenges your business is facing. It might be that automation gives the results you’re looking for, or the answer may involve redirecting your focus on single entry marketing to streamline your efforts. The key is to make sure that any changes not only improve workplace efficiencies but also actively improve the customer experience. One without the other simply won’t work.

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about how a reliable IT Software Development company could help you, it all starts with a conversation. I’d be happy to discuss how we might be able to develop bespoke applications to save time, money, and resource in your business, just get in touch.


If you're looking to make some changes to your business systems, or perhaps you're unhappy with your current IT Software Development, why not get in touch. We're here to listen and we're here to help: 0117 986 4026 | [email protected].