soLearn - recruit with confidence

soLearn - recruit with confidence

soLearn is a management tool developed by soVision IT in collaboration with Line BSL to support corporate knowledge retention and compliance management. It can be applied to any business process, training or compliance and it remains a key resource for any recruitment company or HR department.

Recruit with confidence! 

Identify the processes or value options that you need prospective shortlisted candidates to demonstrate their knowledge awareness of before you waste time interviewing them. You only need to:

- Know what you want from your employee
- Know what knowledge or toolsets you require them to be equipped with 
- Know what soft skill sets they need to implement and practice
- Know what their commitment is to add value to the organisations future wellbeing and growth

How it works:

Each candidate will be given a password to connect to the soLearn online portal where they will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the documented values, processes or culture that you wish them to have secured knowledge about before you interview or potentially employ them. 

Once the delegate indicates that they have familiarised themselves with the information soLearn will automatically email the candidates with questionnaires that will identify questions and confidence levels of candidate’s responses. Responses to these emails will:

- Identify candidates that are committed to the recruitment process from the outset, timewasters will eliminate themselves 
- Identify those candidates who have risen to the challenge of wanting to present themselves in the best way to their future prospective employer
- Introduce the candidate to a programme that will continue through the recruitment process and beyond so that the employer has full awareness of a new employee’s progress to becoming a true value-added employee of the organisation.
- Provide you with an audit trail of contribution before you waste time on interviews. 
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