What does software and app development actually mean?

What does software and app development actually mean?

These days it’s hard to imagine getting by without the use of IT Software Development and apps.

We use them daily and there is pretty much an app for everything; checking the weather, making banking payments, measuring our fitness, even enhancing the way we look!

And then, of course, there are the apps we use in business whether they are customer facing (such as booking and shopping apps) or internal business apps that include onboarding platforms, staff intranet systems, and training platforms.

Knowing where to start can be daunting, particularly when it might involve a fair budget or disruption to existing systems. While it’s clear that software and app development is an area that’s growing – the United Kingdom has emerged as the most lucrative mobile app market in Europe in 2021 – what does that actually mean for SMEs and why should you be using it in your business?


Finding ways to drive efficiency with exemplary IT Software Development

One of the main reasons that companies choose to invest in IT Software Development within their business is to improve efficiencies and overcome issues related to clunky, disjointed processes that no longer serve a purpose. Automating processes, or updating systems that have become outdated and ineffective, can be a brilliant way to save costs, eliminate extraneous tasks and give better value across the business.


Identifying opportunities for automation

It can sometimes be difficult to have a clear idea of where the inefficiencies in your business lie, and what an IT Software Development Company need to do in order to improve them. For some of our clients, they are mindful that changes are needed but might be unsure where to start or unaware of what kind of software they could implement. At soVision IT we work with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their workflows – what happens, by whom, and when – so that we can identify opportunities for automation and improvements within the business.


Simplifying and streamlining processes with an IT Software Development Company

Often we find that the companies we work with are using far too many, and far too complicated, workflows and processes that are needed to carry out tasks. Cutting down on these processes results in a reduction of time, money and resources involved and it also makes things much simpler and more straightforward. From here, we are able to improve workflows that are actually necessary to the business functioning, so that they can work better, quicker, and easier than before.


Enabling systems to talk to one another

Sometimes it’s the case that the systems in place within a company are totally disparate and don’t work together at all. Enabling your autonomous systems to talk to each other and work as one can be the single most effective thing you can do. For a leisure and hospitality client of ours selling high-value services worldwide, it wasn’t until they showed us around the ‘back office’ of their business that our IT Software Development experts were able to re-organise their muddled workflows and get them to work alongside each other properly. It really transformed the way they now run the business.


Improving customer experience

The best way to improve your customer experience is to take a good hard look at your customer acquisition journey and identify what stages could be improved. Is it the booking process or the speed at which customers can checkout and pay? Perhaps it’s improving the visibility of your products or adding options to compare and save favourites. You might want to focus on your customer follow-up process and find ways to keep conversations with previous customers going. Identifying where improvements can be made is the first step; software development can then make those improvements a reality.

So what does software and app development really mean? Well, for our clients it’s the difference between standard processes and workflows that function well enough most of the time, to those that completely transform the way their business is able to operate.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with someone from our friendly IT Software Development team – we’d be very happy to discuss some ways that automation may help to improve the workflows and processes within your own business.


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